Consumer Collection Services
Business vs. Individual

  • An RDK Account Executive is always available to assist you in a consultative and advisory capacity with your concerns regarding your account(s).

  • Our experienced collectors are dedicated to the fast, cost-effective recovery of your accounts and are well-trained in all aspects of the FDCPA.

  • Unless we have received a cease or a dispute, personal phone calls will be made after your debtors have received collection letters requesting payment. If we have received a dispute, personal phone calls will be made only after we have provided the requisite verification of debt.

  • RDK offers online skip tracing that allows our collectors instant access to information on millions of consumers.

  • Comprehensive monthly status reports on all your accounts.

  • RDK's state-of-the-art technology offers our professional debt collection staff the most up-to-date tools for follow-up, collection letters, credit reports and reporting, skip tracing and asset location.

  • Licensed in several states and we will obtain additional licensing to accommodate our clients.

  • Remote login capabilities are available for clients who require the ability to periodically review their accounts being handled by RDK.

RDK is a Michigan collection agency founded upon a commitment to high ethical standards and driven by the successful recovery of your company’s accounts receivable and bad debt.

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